Paul Josephs and Metrosonics

Paul Josephs and MetroSonics

Paul Josephs grew up on the west side of uptown Manhattan when it was filled with artists, hustlers, jazz musicians and kids of all colors playing in the streets.  He began his professional music career at 16 leading his own blues band, opening up for shows at the legendary New York Improv.  Through his guitar playing and songwriting, he found an outlet to express the combination of tumult, tenderness and the experience of a wild New York that's his palette for his songwriting. 


   “I see music as medicine with the intention of serving the greater spirit of music and soul,” says Josephs. "It's sonic chemistry, a way for me to cut through all of the city's noise, tension, suffering and success.  Music is a connection to a place of pure vibration and sound, like being in the womb or in remote, silent places in the natural world.  I take the incessant motion of the city and the untamed stillness of nature and let it all resonate with my personal experience.  That's my alchemy for universal communication." 


Strong World, released through his own label Grey Wing Records as Paul Josephs and MetroSonics, has gotten great response from CMJ reporting radio stations nationwide.  Strong World has 13 tracks that speak fittingly to Josephs' eco-urban vision with a range of diverse sounds that ultimately come together with a clear message. Twelve of the songs are originals; and one is a unique cover of Cindy Lauper's chestnut "Time After Time."


Josephs is active in a spectrum of musical activity and collaborations.  In 2012 he had the honor of traveling to South Africa to play at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival as a guitarist and singer alongside Pharoahe Monch and Jean Grae. This past March he toured throughout Russia and Ukraine then toured Germany and Holland in May and June.  He is on the road in Europe now touring of Germany and Holland for September through early October.


Chris Smith from New York Magazine says:

 “Soulful and smart music, bouncing along on bluesy guitar and a rock/reggae beat, Strong World would be at home in any record collection that stretches from Santana to the Clash to Arcade Fire. Paul Josephs and MetroSonics pack a small world into each tune.”


“Psychedelic blue-eyed soul that rocks.” – Tony Maimone (bassist/producer/engineer with Bob Mould, They Might Be Giants, and Ani DiFranco)


Paul Josephs and MetroSonics are on the road with purpose and leaving a trail of raised spirits in their wake.